Phillip Wilhite
Surviving Chadwick
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Surviving Chadwick

Change should be embraced


Oakland, CAIt is the 1970s at Chadwick, an elite boarding school in Ojai, California. A story of a certain African American who was awarded a scholarship to a predominantly white school, Surviving Chadwick by Phillip Wilhite sheds light on the notion of race and identity. Centered around Isaiah Isaacson, his struggles to adjust at Chadwick prove to be more than he can handle.


Isaiah Isaacson’s parents see his full-ride as a chance to fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream of racial and educational equality. But he is desperately trying to hold on to his black identity and resist the changes that are crucial to “survive” and thrive at Chadwick. School proves to be just as tough as he imagined and when his beliefs are challenged, he clings more and more to his past, eventually vowing to get himself expelled from the school.


“I wanted to tell Breedlove the truth—that I’d never wanted to come to Chadwick, that it was solely their idea. I wanted to tell him about McClymonds, my NBA dreams and about never wanting to leave home, but I nodded my head and played along so I wouldn’t get in trouble.”


The 1970s were a historic era for all Americans, especially African Americans. And with a  look back at The Watergate Scandal, The Black Panther Party, and the Jackson 5, Surviving Chadwick offers a piece of nostalgia  amidst a gripping fictional story.


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ISBN: 9780595520947

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About the Author – Phillip Wilhite was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and was raised in very different, family oriented neighborhood in East Oakland. Wilhite attended the Thacher School, Robert Louis Stevenson School, and earned a degree in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. At Cal, he also earned a basketball scholarship where he was the starting point guard and voted as the team’s Most Inspirational player. He also attended the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and is now a business banker.